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Remember That Woman Who KO'd A 500+ Man In Russia Earlier This Month? Bellator Just Signed Her

Got some EXCLUSIVE breaking news comin atcha on a Tuesday afternoon!

Per sources, Bellator MMA has signed Darina Madzyuk (3-1) to an exclusive contract to compete in their growing flyweight division. Madzyuk is repped by SuckerPunch Entertainment and went viral earlier this month when she KO'd a man who weighs 500+ pounds in Russia....

Just this past weekend, the title in that Bellator Women's Flyweight division changed hands for the first time when Juliana Velasquez defeated Ilima-Lei Macfarlane. Tough loss for Ilima-Lei, who's a friend of the program, but she'll be back.

I'm VERY excited to see if the skills Madzyuk learned over in Russia against goliaths will pay off once she reaches the Bellator cage. Hell, Thor didn't reach his full powers until after he challenged Hulk on Sakaar, ya know?!

Congrats to Darina Madzyuk on a hell of a way to close on 2020, and to Bellator on a hell of a week!