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WARNING: Do Not Eat Those Delicious Looking Wild Corndogs You See Growing By The Water

So you know when you're driving down the road and you see those free corn dogs popping out of the ground? You've been driving for a couple hours and you're pretty hungry. You could really use a nice tasty snack to keep you going, but you end up deciding to wait until you get to the next gas station so you can just load up on beef jerky and Combos. A decent decision at first, but turns out your decision is even better now. 

Because apparently these things aren't wild corndogs. Apparently they are cattails, and this is what happens when you bite into one. 

Here you were thinking that you can't trust food anymore in 2020 because everything turned out to be cake. Low and behold, everything is a giant fluff bomb. 2020 strikes again. 

Anyway, looks like a decent prank to pull on a younger sibling/cousin. Just in case you want to keep that one in the arsenal.