Final Destination: Lake Tahoe. A Ski Lodge Guest Unknowingly Walked Right Next To A Hungry Bear Without A Care In The World

Ahhhh, nothing like recapping your night by going through the camera roll on your phone. There's that nice steak with the perfect garnish you took a picture of for IG, the round of shots you enjoyed responsibly with friends amidst a pandemic, and oh yeah there's the moment you saw a guy almost get torn apart limb from limb five yards away! The only thing that stopped that guy from turning into dinner was the color of the bear. If that bear was brown instead of black, they'd still be cleaning up this guy's remains off of the street. Instead, it's just a viral video everybody can have a laugh about over some hot cocoa. Ignorance truly is bliss sometimes (Source: The person writing this is an ignorant man).

Great work by the cameraman not only getting this shot but also keeping his voice at the perfect level. He alerted the paying guest but more importantly did not startle the bear to the point that furry ball of claws and teeth may have went after him in a panic. All time great survival move and a dead ringer for John Candy's voice in the criminally underrated classic The Great Outdoors.