Lamar Jackson Ain't The Only Athlete Who has Pooped Himself In a Big Game

Lamar Jackson is adamant he didn't have to poop last night. 

But I STAND with Nate.

And believe me, no one is more qualified when it comes to identifying "I gotta poop" runs than myself. Why? Because I'm one of the rare athletes that has also had to abandon my team in the midst of battle to battle my own digestive demons on the sidelines. 

The year was 2017, and I was playing Defensive End in the semi-finals of China's American Football League against the Chengdu Pandaman. When I saw the Pandaman's running back had a clear lane to the end zone, I chucked myself at his knees, and quite literally, got the shit kicked out of me. 

I feel Lamar's pain. It's not easy leaving the field when your team needs you the most, but the alternative, pooping yourself in front of all the players and fans, is far worse. Having to play football with shit dribbling down your leg isn't going to inspire confidence in your teammates nor yourself. Luckily, it's an easy fix. Especially when you can jog to the locker room bathroom and not have to tape the bottom of your pants like I did. In either case though, if you're proactive, irregular bowel movements in sports games don't have to be game changers, but merely minor speed bumps (dumps) on your way to victory. Ravens won, and so did the Shanghai Warriors. Don't let a case of the browns define you.