Checking In On Lavar After The Pistons Cut LiAngelo Ball - He's Ranting About The Pistons Being A 'Raggedy As Hell Franchise'

I know people will sit here and say that LaVar is ruining LiAngelo's career and shouldn't speak. But outside of calling him a lottery pick, spot the lie. The Pistons have been shit for a good decade now. Hell, on draft night I called them an irrelevant franchise that no one gives a shit about: 

I'm not talking about the history obviously with the Bad Boys and the Sheed/Ben Wallace/Billups/Hamilton/Prince teams. I'm talking about now. When they can't figure out what the fuck to do with Blake Griffin. When it seems like they are always trying to fight for an 8 seed just to get swept or miss the playoffs, but not suck enough for a top pick. Don't believe me, just take someone else's word for it: 

They actually did okay in the draft with Killian Hayes, Saddiq Bey, Isaiah Stewart and Saben Lee. A lead guard, some shooting, versatility and a big. You can build around that draft. But then what did they do? They signed Jerami Grant, Mason Plumlee and Jahlil Okafor. The fuck you need three traditional bigs for? Why are you tossing Jerami Grant $60 million when he's not a lead guy? And then they did the unthinkable. They cut LiAngelo Ball right after signing him to a 1-year deal. 

You don't just cut a guy who was a Finals MVP! 

The Pistons just made a huge mistake. Just ask LaVar.