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Male Student Gets Suspended For Wearing Nail Polish, Lil Yachty Is NOT Having It

Lil Yachty is going to bat for the male student who got in-school suspension simply for painting his nails -- calling out the small-town school's dress code as outdated.

We got the rapper at LAX and asked him about 17-year-old Trevor Wilkinson, who was punished by Clyde High School in West Texas for wearing nail polish to campus.

Lil Yachty, who was rocking some Christmas-themed nails when we got him, says Trevor should be allowed to express himself, especially because the kid's nail polish was harmless.

How embarrassing. West Texas has clearly never heard of punk rock. Or just rock, in general. I've never actually even understood the stigma behind guys with nail polish. It's literally been a fashion/art statement since it was invented. What, you think Green Day didn't get any chicks? What about My Chemical Romance? Harry Styles? Lil Huddy? Machine Gun Kelly?? You think those guys don't fuck? What do they all have in common? NAIL POLISH. Bret Michaels was handed a TV show and 60 women to date on all three seasons of Rock of Love. You think he should get suspended from math class too? I'd like to see you try. 

Giphy Images.

While this story is dumb, that school sucks and this kid didn't deserve to be suspended, the best part about this is my guy Lil Yachty coming to his to defense. I LOVE this new wave of artists who just let their freak flags fly as high as they can, and if you've ever seen Lil Yachty's TikTok you know he's a wild one. 

Just wholesome as hell. 

In conclusion, nail polish is cool, Lil Yachty is cool, and West Texas sucks.