MLS Manager Tells Team He's Fired, Media Reports He's Fired .... Except, Uh, Inter Miami Apparently Never Fired Him

Whoops! Talk about an all-time bad gut feeling by Diego Alonso here. Can't say I blame him. How many times have you fucked up something and you get the e-mail from your boss. 'Come see me at 1pm.' You feel like you're toast. You immediately mentally start packing all your shit up, fully expecting to have to hang out at home and find a new job. Now instead of being some entry level sales person or whatever, imagine you're the goddamn manager of Inter Miami - Beckham's MLS club. You tell the team you're fired. You say your goodbyes. Seems like Alonso was the one who leaked it to the media too. Control the story before the story controls you type thing. 

Except there is no story. They never fired you. Sure, there's a chance they could fire you, but now I'm cheering for them to keep him as a manager. Imagine walking back into the locker room like nothing happened? Hey guys, I know I told you I was fired because we finished 10th in the Eastern Conference. But, uh, let's get them this year guys! Big rah rah speech. 

I also love how reporters just say 'we published the story in error. Our apologies.' I want that to work with bets when I lose that. 'Oh, I thought Oklahoma State would cover the 4 against Wichita. I posted that bet in error. My apologies.' And bam, all is forgiven. 

Real question is how bad was this meeting with the bosses for Diego Alonso? I don't know how one thinks they are fired unless you are strictly told you are not fired. At the minimum you gotta pull a Costanza and just keep showing up. Then again if there's a buyout like Gus Malzahn, being fired is for sure not a bad thing. $21 million to not coach Auburn and find a new job? Pretty decent deal if you ask me. Maybe even take a year off if you want. 

If Inter Miami had any comedic side to them, when they finally decide to fire Alonso, they'll just tweet this out.