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Spanish Police Had A Manhunt For 2 Girls That Were Filmed Twerking In A Public Fountain While Wearing Bikinis During The Times Of Coronavirus

What's worse than this? Girls getting in trouble for being chicks. Since I am poor and uncultured, I have never been to Spain. But I would think a country that embraces siestas, sangria, and sensuality would appreciate these lovely young ladies going out, having some fun, and putting on a free show for the good people of Seville. However, this blasted pandemic has turned them into outlaws. Hooligans. Rebels without a cause with four saturated cheeks. 

I get it too. You can't have ladies smiling, dancing, and shaking that ass in a public fountain while a super spreadable virus shuts down the entire planet. I guess I just can't wait until the world becomes normal again so we can get back to a place where stuff like this is not something the local police are wasting their time shutting down.