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In Case You Need More Proof Of Aliens, This Sidney Crosby Video Should Do The Trick

We've got 3 possible scenarios here. Let's rank them from least likely to most likely. 

First up, this is one of those zany Jimmy Kimmel pranks like when he gets the NFL players to sneak some whacky quotes into their post-game press conference. Only this time he told Sidney Crosby to do the exact same warmup routine for a few full season and see if anybody notices. Seems unlikely, however, because I bet Crosby doesn't even know who Jimmy Kimmel is. 

Second option is that Sidney Crosby has secured the $87 million bag from McDonald's subliminally advertise for them during warmies every night. Small possibility, for sure, but considering Crosby is more focused on his superstitions rather than making money (as heavily demonstrated by his contract), I can't imagine he'd let Mickey D's mess with his routine at all. 

Which brings us to the third and final and most realistic option of them all. That Sidney Crosby is either a robot or an alien or some sort of combination of the two. I mean we've already gotten the news that aliens have already made contact with humans, so would it really be that out of the question that a few of them have stuck around for life on Earth?

Make them look like humans so they don't set off any alerts or anything, but they still act like aliens. Crosby and Zuckerberg are perfect examples. 

The only thing worse than giving away the fact that he's an alien is that Crosby may have just handed every goalie the key to stopping him. All you have to do is closely study those golden arches. Get to know each and every single inch of that logo. You've cracked the code once you have that locked in.