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Ohh Boy Big Ben Is Talking About "Hanging It Up" Again

Gooooood morning Steelers fans. Here we go again. If you turned off the TV and stayed offline to try to find another source of joy after that shitshow performance from the Steelers last night like me, this is probably news to you on a Monday morning. 

Big Ben meeting his annual quota of joking / talking / hinting at retirement. 

We've seen it before. Nothing new so I don't look into this as "Wow maybe he actually will 'hang it up'" but more so a question of why can't he just...not...say that?

Like does he really have to use those words?

He knows damn well enough that everything he says is ridiculed and ripped apart, so why say it? I couldn't figure it out in 2017, and I still can't in 2020. 

I've been a big backer of Big Ben and his return to the field. It's well-documented. But yes even I will admit last night was really not great. The pick-6 before the half totally swung the entire feel and momentum of the game not to mention the scoreboard, and the third quarter was a master class put on by Josh Allen, not Big Ben. His deep is really off. He's hesitant to do much of anything because anyone besides James Washington hasn't been reliable at all catching the ball the last three weeks. 

It's just been a total tank. But retirement? C'mon man. Don't drop those words. It's ridiculous. Just keep taking the blame, saying it "starts with you" and "i need to play better" and move along. 

I think what the saddest part for me right now though is, for the first time in my life, I'm starting to give it some belief that when he says things like that....maybe he's right.