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Malcolm Subban Made The Save Of The Season...On His Truck From Backing Into His House

You'd think that Malcolm Subban has spent so much time as a backup in his career that he'd want to pull forward into the driveway, but I guess not. 

I still have no idea how this happened in the first place. Did he not feel the truck already rolling away when he was getting out? And since PK is the one putting out this video, I'm always going to be a little skeptical. He's a YouTuber who just happens to be a Norris Trophy caliber hockey player. I'm not saying this is obviously staged, but I'm also not saying that it's not obviously staged either. 

But the fact of the matter here is that was still one of the best saves you'll see all season out of an NHL goaltender. Great reaction time there, solid rebound control, freeze the puck and wait for the whistle. Get your checking line out there for a key defensive zone faceoff, catch the other team getting aggressive with their defense pinching in, win it back, snap it off to the forward streaking out of the zone, send them down on a 2v1, backdoor one T, put it on the scoreboard, line it back up at center ice. Just how we drew it up, boys. 

And on top of that, you don't have to go through the embarrassment of explaining all of this to the insurance company. Certain saves just mean more in certain situations.