The Cleveland Indians Have Officially Decided To Change Their Team Name

Following years of protests from fans and Native American groups, the Cleveland Indians have decided to change their team name, moving away from a moniker that has long been criticized as racist, three people familiar with the decision said Sunday.

I'll say this: The Indians are all I've ever known when it comes to rooting for Cleveland baseball. I grew up with Chief Wahoo. And there are some very special memories that I have with this team and that nickname associated with them. My dad and I have bonded over Indians baseball in our lives and my dad and his dad bonded over Indians baseball. The Indians have been around for more than a century and have played in almost 17,000 games. Bottomline, the "I grew up with Chief Wahoo" answer is not acceptable to keep a racist nickname. If Native Americans find the Indians nickname to be racist, then it should be changed and the conversation should end right there.

I mean, I would say 100% of competent people in this world would agree that this is ridiculous:

Mark Duncan. Shutterstock Images.

Those people were losers anyways, honestly, but yes, I see why Chief Wahoo had to go. The Indians were never going to be able to keep this nickname. Will it be weird at first? Sure, but again, if one Native American feels offended or is reminded of bad memories from our nickname, then what's the harm in changing it?

My concern is not that the Indians are dropping the name. You knew it was coming. What's much more concerning to me are the potential nicknames that are being thrown around as replacements, including the front runner: the Cleveland Spiders.

Let's be very clear: the Cleveland Spiders is one of the dumbest, most embarrassing nicknames imaginable. What are people going to dress up in the stands as now? Spiderman?

Picking new nicknames is so difficult these days. I'd honestly be okay with taking Washington's route and being the Cleveland Baseball Club/Team. As silly as it first sounded just going as the Washington Football Team, it's kind of taken on a life of its own in the 2020 season. How about they keep the same colors? Keep the Block C. I don't hate that at all. I'm just worried they go with a horrible choice like some listed below and botch the whole thing. 

Cleveland Lakers (Great Lakes) - Dumb. Very dumb

Cleveland Rocks (Drew Carey / Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Combo) - Are we serious?

Cleveland Avengers (Russo brothers are from Cleveland) - Too childish

Cleveland Blue Sox - How many "Sox" teams are we going to have? Will the Braves….when they change their name next….be the Green Sox?

Cleveland Naps - Uhh, what? I mean, this is honestly probably the most relevant nickname though, if we trade Frankie Lindor. Our team is going to be a snooze fest!

I don't know, guys. I hope we take our time here and come up with something good. Nothing kid-like. Nothing too fancy. Be the Cleveland Baseball Club/Team until we hit it out of the park. 

But, uhhh….unless I'm reading this wrong, it sounds like we're keeping the Indians for this season though…..? You would think based on how quick the name change in Washington went that the Cleveland one would be on a similar timeline. 

Hey Dolans, can we keep Frankie Lindor and make one last run at it?

**Knowing the Dolans, probably not.

Indians Legend Kenny Lofton chimes in: