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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees Presented by Philips Norelco - Week 14

Last week, there was happiness all around Lexington, Kentucky. That's because center Drake Jackson won our Football Guy of the Week Award after saying he would go to sleep with his tape and jersey on. Now, the bragging rights are back up for grabs in Week 14. Let's meet our nominees:

Packers OT David Bakhtiari - Showed pride in a tweet after running down the field with Aaron Jones during last week’s win over the Eagles

It is hard to watch this vid and not put a smile on your face. Offensive Linemen do the nitty, gritty things when it comes to football, but David Bakhtiari is one of the household names out there in this position. Good to see him run down the field after a Packers touchdown.

Vanderbilt K Sarah Fuller - Took a hit of a smelling salt after her historic PAT for Vanderbilt

Fuller was nominated a few weeks ago, and now she is back again for a different reason. Not only did she score a point for the first time over the weekend, but this smelling salt technique is A+. Way better than me, that's for sure.

Texas A&M LB Buddy Johnson - When asked where he would rank the Aggies, he said he has no idea, but “I can tell you what time we practice today”

Football Guys do not care about that outside noise. They care about going 1-0 each and every week. And the Aggies got the job done on Saturday against Auburn (which sent their coach out the door). Next up for A&M - Tennessee next week.

Giants DC Patrick Graham - when asked about potential head coaching interest, he said, “I'm not smart enough to think ahead of today. I've got to get ready for third down against Arizona."

In the moment, this is a very gritty comment. Unfortunately for Coach Graham, that game against Arizona did not go well. The Cardinals got back on the right track, and the Giants lost a ton of momentum in the race for the NFC Beast.

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