It's Time For An Outright Win In San Fran (They Love When We Call It San Fran)

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.


Hey look. I'm not going to get ahead of myself. But. BUT. These are the current standings:



So with a win today in The 'Cisco (local slang), the Washington football team, the Washington Football Team, have an outright lead in the NFC East. OUTRIGHT! 

Will today's game be easy? No, I wouldn't say that. The Niners don't suck suck, but I don't think they're particularly good either. Nick Mullens is very hot and cold, they are playing a home game in Arizona, and the Washington defense is still the number 4 defense in the league. 

I want to destroy San Fran. Murder them. Ok not literally murder, but you know, in the sports way. And I want Chase Young to feast on Trent Williams. This is a Washington and 49ers revenge game (Alex Smith vs SF, Washington vs Trent Williams, Washington vs Shannahan), and I feel great about our side of it.

So let's fucking do it. Giants lost today, the world/division is our oyster. HTTWFT.