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Deiveson Figueiredo & Brandon Moreno Battle It Out To A Majority Draw In The Fight Of The Year At UFC 256

I need a god damn cigarette.

Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno just went out there and got into a motherfucking WAR in the center of the octagon for twenty-five straight minutes, battling it out to a majority draw on the final UFC PPV of the year. 

Dana White immediately called it the greatest fight in the history of the flyweight division, and I couldn't agree more. It even caught the attention and respect of Nate Diaz, shockingly enough....

Nate wasn't the only one, though - many in the MMA community were calling that one the fight of the year before its competitors even got outta the octagon....

In my eyes, the only fight that could even give tonight's main event a run for its money would be Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Weili Zhang (which had a full crowd in March), but if I went back and rewatched both, I bet this would be my pick for FOTY as well.

Brandon Moreno, the +305 underdog, came forward swinging and shooting takedowns for all five rounds, cardio never fading, walking through some of the biggest shots you could imagine from Figgy….oh yeah, AND he fought through one of the worst nut shots I've ever seen! 

Figueiredo got a point taken away by referee Jason Herzog after the nut shot, and I'm glad, too - from fence grabs, to eye pokes, to headbutts, to nut shots, there just alllways seems to be something with Fig where he never gets punished. Plus, if you heard the sickening thud the kick made, you'd be happy a point was taken too.

Tonight, that penalty really put his title at risk, and although the majority draw led to him retaining the Flyweight title, it should put him on notice for next time. Hopefully they run this one back ASAP.

P.S. Barstool Sports is an MMA company now. Deal with it….