The Week 14 Good Juju Song To Play While Setting Your Fantasy Football Lineup™ Is...

Open your fantasy team on your phone or another tab, click Play on the video above, and let the good juju flow into your roster as you set your lineup

The fantasy football playoffs are upon us right smack dab in the middle of Christmas season, so we are bringing out the biggest gun in the Christmas arsenal to get those of us without byes into the 2nd round. Those of you already there, congrats. Those of you not in the playoffs, thank you for the click and enjoy the warm feelings of holiday magic engulfing your soul.

Now we pray to our fantasy goddess, Jenny from The League.

Moving along, let's get to our Clem Island Celebrate And Gamble Responsibly 6 Pack Of The Week:

Giphy Images.

All lines via the wonderful, awesome, to be quite honest fucking beautiful Barstool Sportsbook app. Download today!

Giants +2.5 

Bears +2

Colts -3 

Saints -8 

49ers -2.5 

Bills -2 

Giphy Images.

Best of luck to everyone out there in this pivotal week!