Steve Cohen Continues To Settle All Family Business By Hiring Diamondbacks Assistant GM Jared Porter As The Mets New GM

So to recap this busy Saturday, the Mets had a meet & greet with their season ticket holders:

Signed their new backstop to a 4-year deal: 

And hired their new GM. Look out folks, it appears that Uncle Stevie is settling all family business today!

I'm not going to act like I know who Jared Porter was before all this. The only other Jared I personally know is the greatest unbiased baseball mind in the industry, so that seems like a good thing.

I heard all the stories about Mike Chernoff, Billy Owens, and a few guys on the Rays. But nothing on Porter. However, everything I have read about him from scouts, writers, and people that worked with him has been either glowing at worst.



Championship stints with the Red Sox and Cubs huh? Is there anybody that Jared worked for at those two places that could recommend to fill the Mets President of Baseball Ops job after the season as Sandy slowly transitions into semi-retirement?

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Porter having experience building baseball teams in big markets instead of being an agent for players seems like a big plus as does simply looking like a dude you could have a beer and talk baseball with at McFaddens.


This fun fact also made me smile.

Welcome to the family, Jared. You are now the GM for the richest owner in baseball, a franchise with a strong braintrust, and a fanbase that will like you more than the last guy if you are even moderately competent. Now let's go spend a little bit of your new bosses money on a couple of guys with nice stats on the back of their baseball cards and have some fun!