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Ana de Armas, Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling Are Starring in a Spy Action Thriller Directed By The Russo Brothers? Sign Me The Fuck Up

It's almost like the big heads at Netflix said how do we make the most attractive/successful movie of all time? Well first they're going to get the Russo brothers to direct it. You already have my interest. The movie is based on a series of spy action books called "The Gray Man." It's going to be the most expensive movie Netflix has ever made. 

Next they're going to get Captain America to star in it. Chris Evans teaming back up with the Russo brothers in a movie described as 'The Winter Solider' in a real world setting? I'm rock hard. 

We're going to now pair him with Ryan Gosling? Well god damn we have ourselves a film. 

And then the icing on the cake we're getting Ana de Armas as the lead actress. Unbelievable. There's a chance everyone with a TV signs up for Netflix to watch this movie. I couldn't be more all in. 

This movie simply cannot fail. When everyone shows up on day one of filming they're all going to know the movie is a smashing success without doing a thing. Remember when all Netflix did was put out TV shows? Now they're running the world. 

We're getting Ana de Armas in the next Bond movie and then The Gray Man. I'm not upset in the slightest.