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Oh My God - Dave Grohl Just Covered "Hotline Bling" By Drake For Hanukkah

Welp - you could go ahead and add that one to the list of headlines I never thought I'd write! 2020 is takin this shit right to the buzzer!

Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin (producer/multi-instrumentalist for such acts as the Foo Fighters, Adele, Paul McCartney, Beck, Sia, Halsey, etc.) announced a 'Hanukkah Cover Series' earlier this week on social media, where they'd be doing one cover of a song by a Jewish artist for every night of Hanukkah….


Immediately, I thought, "Cool! We'll hear Dave doing some Neil Diamond, possibly some Lenny Kravitz, maybe even some Billy Joel!" 

So far, tho, we're two nights inm and I have been shocked by both selections. 

They came kickin down the door with 'Sabotage' by The Beastie Boys on night one….

(Kinda cool to hear that bassline played on keys, huh? Also Grohl's Ad-Rock impersonation is just hilarious.)

Here we are on night two of Hanukkah, with Grohl and Kurstin covering none other than Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham. Never thought I'd see the day. Can I say something, tho? It actually kiiinda fucking works?! Well - aside from the rap towards the end, which very much sounds like a dad rapping - of course. Other than that I think it works tho! Dave's keepin that groove super tight (duh), Kurstin's tone/melodies are great, and I love that they just went for it with the vocal effects/autotune on Dave's voice. Hilarious.

Can't wait for night three. Leave your predictions in the comments below….