24 Good Movies And 6 Good Shows You Can Stream Right Now According To Kenjac (Vol. 39)

2. The Disaster Artist

3. Polar

4. Kung Fu Hustle - I've watched this move no less than 20 times. It's funny with great action and it is weird in the best way

5. Forged in Fire - I only recently started watching this show and it is amazing in a dad sort of way. 

1. Final Destination - The entire franchise is currently on HBO Max. The first one made me afraid of flying, but the second one made me petrified of going onto the highway. To this day I refuse to drive behind a truck with any kind of logs on the back. 

2. Let Them All Talk - This movie is, well, kind of boring. It's a slow burn, but if you can tolerate that and like Meryl Streep then you will like it. 

3. Idiocracy 

4. Lethal Weapon

5. Semi-Pro

6. Throne of Blood

7. The Mystery of DB Cooper - This is a doc on one of the great American Legends 

8. The Inventor - This is the documentary on Elizabeth Holmes who is one of the WEIRDEST humans I have ever seen.  

9. Key & Peele

10. The Alienist

1. Dr. No

2. Eyes Wide Shut

3. Gone Girl

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

5. My Hero Academia (Season 4)

1. Sound of Metal - This is one of the best movies of 2020. I'm dangerously close to labeling it must watch. 

2. Uncle Frank

3. Inglorious Basterds

4. Rocketman

5. Zero Zero Zero

1. The Mandalorian

2. The Mandalorian

3. The Mandalorian

4. The Mandalorian

5. The Mandalorian