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Olive Garden Is On Cloud 9 Right Now After Taylor Name Dropped Them In A New Song


Everyone knows I love 2 things in life- Taylor Swift and The Olive Garden. Also as everyone who reads Barstool SPORTS knows, Taylor Swift released another album last night called "evermore", the sister album to July's masterpiece "folklore". If you haven't listened to it yet, imagine a much sadder "folklore". It's such a sad album it makes everything on "folklore" sound like a bop. But I never thought in all my days she would name drop Olive Garden into a song. And that all changed last night.


E Online - On Dec. 11, Taylor Swift dropped her ninth studio album evermore, and with it, her very first collaboration with friends and tour mates Alana, Este and Danielle Haim. The track, a twisted murder tune called "no body, no crime," name-checks Este as a woman murdered by her husband, who Taylor's character then offs in an act of revenge. However, it's not just Este that Taylor names in the song: Italian chain restaurant Olive Garden also gets a shout-out, as the spot where Este is supposed to be on Tuesday nights.

"Este wasn't there Tuesday night at Olive Gardеn," Swift sings on the track. "At her job or anywhere."


Yessir, the Olive Garden, the restaurant of choice for murderers everywhere, I would know. Wait what? Nevermind. Delete that. But boy, Olive Garden is fucking FEELING THEMSELVES on Twitter, responding to every single tweet about them.



This is probably the greatest thing to happen to Olive Garden since the cheese wheel grater. Now every single crazy Swiftie in the world is going to order Olive Garden and tag them on social media. Like, they are about go get millions upon millions of dollars in free publicity. And they are in a Taylor Swift song forever. You can't buy that sort of marketing. So good for the OG. Frankie Borrelli's favorite restaurant, by the way. Loves it. Always says he wishes they could make dishes "as good as they do at the Olive Garden" at Borrelli's.