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Danny Grit!!! Daniel Jones Was A Full Participant At Giants Practice Today And Is Listed As Questionable For Sunday's Game Vs. The Cardinals

So for those keeping track at home, it appears that Daniel Jones not only has the accuracy of Hawkeye and the fast feet of Quicksilver but also the healing powers of Wolverine. Shout out to the Danny Dimes Hammy Hype Group for all the positive juju they put into the world the last two weeks.

Anybody who has ever football or played fantasy knows just how dicey a big red Q can be next to a player's name. But since the Probable designation has gone extinct, Questionable was the best the Big Blue faithful could ask for without a full blown green light with no designation. 

For what it's worth, our little lamb seemed to be moving pretty well here:

While Coach Judge seemed to think things were looking good:

That doesn't mean I am not going to hold my breath every time he drops back or mean Danny Scoots is going to be able to rip off 80 yard runs right in the Cardinals' faces. But it's nice to know we could have our QB1 back on Sunday while our backup who just beat the Seahawks at home is ready in case tragedy strikes. As always, we completely believe that Coach Judge will make the right decision for the team and the player in the short term as well as the long term. 

Now before I get accused of being drunk of Big Blue Kool-Aid, I have to acknowledge the bad news that came out of practice today as well.

This is a huge problem considering Blake has been the QB of our defense all season and his sure-handed tackling is imperative against a team like the Cardinals who do so much of their damage by running with their tiny QB. Not watching opposing teams gash us on the ground because 54 stopped the runner before he could hit the 2nd level has been a beautiful change after the last few years where the Giants defense seemed to think they were playing flag football. 

I guess we'll see how things shake out over the next 48 hours and trust in whatever Coach Judge says. Not only because he's our fearless leader but because Kliff Kingsbury's going to run for the hills after he sees the calves that will be marching on the opposing team's sideline this Sunday.