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I Don't Care Who Wins This Women's World Cup Game And If That Makes Me A Terrorist So Be It





I don’t fucking care about this soccer game. There I said it. I don’t care if we win, don’t care if we lose. I won’t lose 1 second of sleep over it either way. Yes I’ll root for America, but the second this game ends I turn the page. I cared more about remaining undefeated in Spikeball today. Games I care about stay with me for days, weeks, months, years after they end. I still am not over the superbowl losses to the Giants. (Hey JPP way to blow your hand off you handless motherfucker) But this women’s soccer game? Please. I didn’t even know the Women’s World Cup was going on till last week. I just get a kick out of everybody now acting like it’s such a huge game. I know 98% of people are in the same boat as me, yet you go into a bar and people are acting like it’s life or death. You got Barstool Sam running around with firecrackers and sparklers and face paint. Grow up. The only people who will give a shit about this result tomorrow are the players and players families. That’s a fact