Get Your Friday Rolling With Darth Vader Murdering The Fuck Out Of People At The End Of Rogue One

I know I blogged this scene back when the pandemic first hit and there was absolutely no fresh content on the planet. But after hearing Hayden Christensen would be returning to play Darth Vader in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series that was announced with a million other Disney+ shows, I had to throw it back to when the man in black unleashed pure hell on a ship full of rebel scum in one of the biggest HOLY SHIT moments I've ever experienced in a movie theater. A+++++++ visuals, music, and sound effects as Vader went Full Sith Lord on some bucketheads.

Even though Darth Vader has long been one of the most revered villains in cinematic history, we never got to see him at the peak of his powers slicing and dicing motherfuckers up in the name of The Empire. Hopefully we get to see a little bit more of that along with the clunkiness of adjusting to half your body suddenly being robotic along with Hayden giving us a glimpse into whatever human side of Vader is still alive inside that iconic suit in Hayden's own Anakin redemption story while still being the bad mamma jamma that did this.

Please for the love of God don't mention sand though

I was running around all of last night making dinner, going to virtual Back To School Nights, and doing some content, so I don't know anything that Disney unveiled yesterday other than the Obi Wan show and some Rangers of the New Republic show. So I am going to have Robbie reveal all of the shows/movies for a live reaction when we record this week's My Mom's Basement along with our Mando recap that may be the longest non-Mickstape podcast in Barstool history. So clear a gigabyte of space on your phone and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify to get the pod as soon as it's ready.

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