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Hayden Christensen Is Coming Back As Darth Vader In The Obi-Wan Disney+ Series (Plus Other INSANE Star Wars Announcements)

Author's Note: Reposting for those who may have missed this last night.....


We were told to expect some Star Wars news on Disney's investor call today, but I don't think ANYONE realized we shoulda been expecting the biggest news day for Star Wars since the sequel trilogy was announced!

I mean - HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN IS BACK?! You got HAYDEN back?!?! And he's starring opposite Ewan McGregor in an Obi-Wan miniseries that takes place 10 years after 'Revenge of the Sith'?! Are you fucking kidding me?! That is unbelievably awesome.

You may be thinking, "Well, why is that, Robbie? Didn't everyone hate him in the prequels, calling him 'Mannequin Skywalker' because of his poor acting?", and the answer to that question is yes, but the hate he received definitely wasn't all justified, and more than anything else - wasn't totally his fault. Having George Lucas dialogue to work with as a young actor couldn't be easy for anyone.

I think given a really great script and dialogue that sounds human (unlike some most of the lines written for him in 'Clones' and 'Sith'), Hayden could pull that role off extremely well, and there's nobody else I would rather see do it in this series. I'm ready to give him another shot, hopefully for redemption. 

Nothing in the whole galaxy was as awesome as this to seven-year-old me….


…..and amazing as that announcement is, we ain't done! Not even close!

Ahsoka Tano's solo series (starring Rosario Dawson) was officially announced, taking place during the same time as 'The Mandalorian', which I'm sure will allow for plenty of crossover. 

This shouldn't really a surprise to anybody following this, considering how heavily it has been rumored now (and especially after her introduction on 'The Mandalorian'where she teases looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn), but obviously very exciting nonetheless.

Another 'Mandalorian' spinoff, entitled 'Rangers of the New Republic' was announced, which I assume will follow the X-Wing pilots we've already met? Maybe even ol' clueless over here?

Again, being this is taking place at the same time as Mando, we'll probably see lots of crossover here. Maybe Cara Dune/Cobb Vanth/Greef Karga make appearances. 

It'll be fascinating to see how this streaming universe is built out - you'd have to imagine Faverau and Filoni are using the MCU as their blueprint.


Heeeey! It's the Cassain Andor show we've heard so much about! We finally got a look at it, and yep - looks like Star Wars!

Not much else there aside from some concept art and sets being built, but if this is what we think it is - our first spy/espionage show in the Star Wars universe - I'm fucking thrilled. 

Diego Luna is a killer actor to have at the helm, sounds enthusiastic as hell about this project, and more K-2SO is always a good thing.

ALSO ANNOUNCED: we're gettin a new animated series from the team that brought us 'The Clone Wars'! It'll be following 'The Bad Batch', a series a clones "gone wrong" genetically that were introduced during the final season of 'Clone Wars'.

Personally, I was sick of these guys and ready to be done with them by the time their three or four episode arc was over, but admittedly, the trailer for this series looks really cool, the animation is beautiful, and Fennec Shand from Mando even made an appearance, so I'll stay optimistic!


We also found out a Star Wars anime project is in development, where we'll get a buncha short films next year. Not an anime guy myself but cool for those who like both, I guess!

BOOOOOM! We're gettin a Lando Calrissian show, mothafuckas! Not much at all has been shared about this, but it's being called an "event series" which makes me think it'll be limited - not a multiple season kinda deal.

My dream is for every episode to start/finish with Billy Dee Williams going thru the log he was recording in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' and reliving old memories, which we get to watch as the main chunk of the episode starring Donald Glover. Give us the best of both worlds!


This is another new one there's basically no info out about, but 'The Acolyte' is a sick name for a show and it'll be our first look at the new 'High Republic' era of Star Wars, which takes place HUNDREDS of years before the prequels when the Jedi were truly at their peak. It'll be made by the creator of 'Russian Doll' on Netflix. Very excited for this one.

OMG! It's a 'DROIDS' revival! Kinda!

I'm all for more animated Star Wars movies after watching the 'Lego Star Wars Holiday Special' on Disney+ last week. There was a level of silliness and self awareness to it that I really didn't expect and I would up loving it. Tons of funny jabs and pokes at the movies, from the prequels all the way to the sequels, and clever jokes for adults every now and then. This should be great.


…..annnnnd finally, 'Rogue Squadron' - a movie following fighter pilots in the Star Wars universe.

I'm thinking this is 'Top Gun', but Star Wars, and Patty Jenkins is a fucking BEAST of a director, so yeah - IT'S SAFE TO SAY I'M EXCITED FOR THIS TOO! I think (could be wrong) it'll actually be the next Star Wars movie released, as well.

I'll have a tooonnnnn more expanded thoughts on all of this on the podcast this week with Clem, so SUBSCRIBE now if you don't wanna miss out!

Which project are you most excited for?!