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If The NHL Wants To Make This Realignment Permanent That Is Cool With Me


This is not about being in what looks like the weakest division on paper in the proposed NHL. I am not going to waste time getting my hopes up because Corey Crawford is in New Jersey. It's not about less travel allowing for a more easily condensed schedule. Games every other night will be fun, but I don't really care. It's not even about being reunited with the Wings. I am happy that the Detroit-Chicago rivalry will be a regular thing this year, but both teams being in the basement of the division takes all the gas out of the rivalry. No. The absolute BEST part of this deal is that the Blackhawks are in the Eastern Conference, effectively. There will not be one single game this entire year that ends after 1030 pm central standard time. That is a BEAUTIFUL thing for me and for all the casual fans who would normally stumble on a game, but only watch 5 mins before turning in for bed against Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, San Jose, LA, Anaheim, Vegas, and Arizona. Fuck that noise. I want to be warm in bed staring at the ceiling being angry at Stan Bowman at 1030-11pm. That feeling at 1030pm sucks, but that feeling at 2AM ruins the next day too. Maybe this is how Stan Bowman actually saves his job. The team will be bad, but the fan base will at least be well-rested. In terms of fan experience that is a plus. 

I HATE that the Blackhawks are in the Western Conference. They're in an original 6 bubble. I want the Blackhawks in the East. I want to be in a division with the Red Wings, Maple Leafs, and other iconic brands. That is where the Blackhawks belong. I want to mark my calendar with games that are inherently exciting because the laundry is great and means something. I don't want another 6 games vs Winnipeg on a Tuesday. Give me battles with the Bruins, Rangers, and Flyers instead. I don't know how many more expansion teams need to be added to the West Coast to get the Blackhawks in the Eastern conference permanently but that is what I am here for. Give that shit hole Portland a team and bring back the California Golden Seals. Whatever it takes to push Chicago into the Eastern Conference forever. 

PS: The California Golden Seals is one of the greatest uniforms ever that has just been lost to history