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Georgia Tech Hoops Celebrated Beating Nebraska By Going Wild Smashing A Coronavirus Piñata In The Locker Room

'Yes, it's a COVID ball.'

Fucking Josh Pastner man. The dude is 100% the most unintentional funniest person in the world. From him not hiring assistant coaches to golf to suspending a player while at Memphis for cussing to calling opposing fans back. Seriously, he called a Syracuse fan back who complained about fans chanting about an airball. 

But you see this is more than any of that. This is about the glorious gas station snack. It's become tradition for Georgia Tech to hit up a gas station after a road win and get snacks. They've gone ape shit for this before 

But coronavirus times call for new measures. So you bring in a coronavirus piñata. It's an A+ move. It's something I fully expected to see in a football locker room. You can't tell me this isn't a football guy move. Of course it was loaded with snacks too. But it didn't stop there. Oh, no it didn't stop there. Pastner had a cooler filled with snacks and started chucking them all willy nilly. 

It's just so perfect for Pastner man. You knew his players had no idea what the fuck was going on at first. You can hear the confusion when someone asks 'is that a COVID ball?' It gets me every time. 

Finally, the obligatory top-5 true gas station snacks while on a road trip: 

5. Cowtails

4. Chex Mix

3. Starburst

2. Beef Jerky

1. Sour Patch Kids

PS: Sheetz > Wawa