BFFs Pod Comes Together To Watch The Internet's #1 Sex Tape

I don't know if you've noticed a lot of people talking about coconut oil on the internet, but they have been. Take a look at the Google Trends:

There are thousands of tweets about it….but why? Turns out it was used in a video that went viral over the weekend featuring none other than Instagram (male) model Jay Alvarez:

The guy has dated the likes of Alexis Ren and Tana Mongeau.

Rumor has it that he leaked it by himself due to his popularity falling off or something? Not a bad plan. It has seemed to work. 

Within the video, Alvarez uses Coconut Oil for multiple reasons. 

He even heats it up at one point in a kettle before using it….

I'm sure we'll be seeing an article in the future discussing how this video led to an increase of coconut oil sales. If I was Jay Alvarez, I would've already made my own coconut oil brand that I sold on my Instagram page. If he starts doing that, I expect a cut of the sales.

Alvarez combined forces with another Instagram model for the big video, that I'm pretty sure I can't like to here? You should be smart enough to find it on the internet. Maybe search "Jay Alvarez reddit video" and I'm sure you may find something.

Dave, Bri, and Josh all react on this week's episode of BFFs that premiered last night: