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Uh Oh....Giannis Is Now Dodging Questions About His Contract Extension

You know who is so relieved there is all this James Harden drama going on right now? The Bucks. With everyone focused on where the Rockets will eventually trade Harden, people have sort of forgotten the fact that Giannis still hasn't ya know...signed his supermax. For those counting at home, the NBA season is 13 days away. There are no more moves for the Bucks to make. The roster they have is what they're going to enter the season with. The team botched the Bogdan Bogdanovic S&T, he went to ATL, and as of now, they're stuck with only 1 guaranteed year of Jrue Holiday and some other pieces that don't really move the needle.

Giannis has said over and over again that if the team shows him they are committed to winning, he'll sign the extension. Makes you think that the longer he goes without signing it and now the fact that he won't even talk about it that maybe he isn't thrilled with what they did this offseason. The part about leaving the discussion to his agent, I mean what is there to talk about? The Bucks made the offer. He can either sign it or not. We're to believe the team hasn't told Giannis their plan for the future? If he was on board with that and was going to come back, what is he waiting for exactly. The longer he doesn't sign it the bigger distraction it's going to become and that's the last thing this team needs in what is a season with a shit ton of pressure to finally get to the Finals/win a title. 

To be fair, there is still time to sign before the season. Not a lot of time, but a few weeks. I just don't understand what could change between now and December 22nd. All I know is this would make me worried as a Bucks fan. He's been sitting on the offer for weeks, and is now dodging the question altogether. He has to know people are going to ask about it the longer he goes without signing, and if he doesn't all hell is going to break loose. There's no chance the Bucks would trade Giannis at the deadline, so they could very well lose a franchise player for nothing. 

Giannis could end all this by just signing on the dotted line, but from the looks of it that doesn't exactly look like a guarantee anymore.