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URGENT! Deshaun Watson's Girlfriend Needs Help Figuring Out How To Pose While Wearing Lingerie

Folks we got a dilemma on our hands. It's an urgent matter. Deshaun Watson's smoke girlfriend has our attention and needs to know what pose to use while wearing lingerie. Pressing times indeed. Hell, it's really the least we can do since the Texans traded away Watson's main target in DeAndre Hopkins and gave him a line that sucks. We need to make sure his girlfriend has the right lingerie pose. I choose pick 2, but that's just me. 

Anywho, $156 million contract in September, dating Jilly Anais. Maybe life isn't too bad as you get your ass handed to you each week. I mean Bill O'Brien did finally get fired! Maybe next year is the year for the Texans. What can go wrong this offseason? They trade for ANOTHER running back? They have another wide receiver test positive for PED's? At least Watson has a girlfriend that's ready to make some mac and cheese.