BREAKING NEWS: Apparently We've Been Pronouncing "Microwave" Wrong This Whole Time

I'm a big fan of British television. And by that, I mean that I watch Peaky Blinders and Great British Bake Off. And as a purveyor of British culture, I am highly aware that there are some pronunciations of words we use here in the United States that are vastly different over the pond. That the em-PHAS-is is on the wrong syl-LAB-ble. 

There are other words, however, that are simply impossible to pronounce any other way than the way we're used to hearing. Or at least that's what I thought. Because never in a million years could you get me to believe that we've been pronouncing "microwave" wrong this whole time. 

It just seems so simple. Micro (MIKE-row (dirty jobs)) as in small. Wave (WAY-v) as in electromagnetic radio waves. Microwave. 



You see, the most popular language we speak here in the United States is English. And the thing about the English language is that it comes from England the country. So if the Brits on BBC are saying that it's mee-CROW-wah-VAY, then it's the meecrowwahvay. That's that. No if's, and's, or but's. They're the ones who make the rules around here, unfortunately. 

You want to warm up a nice glass of milk before you go to bed at night? Pop that sucker in the meecrowwahvay for about 30-45 seconds, and down the hatch. Cheerio then, mate. 

Sidenote: I can only imagine how much those mashed potatoes suck.