Should Joe Buck Be Arrested For Purposely Jinxing Justin Tucker?

I didn't know Justin Tucker was allowed to miss field goals. I've never seen it happen and neither have you. 70 straight makes from inside the 40 and honestly that feels low considering how automatic he's been since he became the Ravens kicker. And in waltzes Joe Buck, who essentially pulled a Jamie Collins and hurdled the line of scrimmage and blocked this kick himself. What a tremendous jackass. Basically taunting the football gods for all the world to hear. On Tuesday Night Football no less! The gods already took Dez's playing career earlier tonight, their bloodlust knows no bounds, and you go and pull this shit? Irresponsible to put it lightly. 

I don't know if there's a broadcaster's union or anything but if there is he needs his card pulled. You can't have a guy like this out here mocking deities and ending streaks on purpose like this. I've never met Joe Buck's mother but I bet her back is shattered from the amount of cracks a young Joe Buck was stomping along the walk home from school. Shattered mirrors every bathroom he's ever entered. Joe Buck's never seen a ladder he didn't want to walk underneath. House full of black cats all named Thirteen. This guy's a real piece of work and a pox on society as we know it.