Roger Federer Dropping Absolute Filth At Wimbledon



FILTHY.  I don’t give a shit about tennis (I didn’t even know Wimbledon was going on to be be completely honest) but that was sick nasty.  I wonder if Federer practices that move or that’s just pure talent running through his body.  He didn’t even have to do that.  He could’ve easily just hit the ball back normally but he did that instead.  “I’ll hit this between my legs the perfect distance, it’ll land right inside the line and the other guy will hit it into the net.  Done and done.  Whose got next?”  That’s the decision making of a man who is so good and so bored that he needs things to do crazy shit to keep it interesting for himself.  Like Michael Jordan closing his eyes during free throws.  Or Larry Bird shooting threes left handed.  Not even fair.