GOODBYE WENTZ: Jalen Hurts Is Officially The Starter For The Philadelphia Eagles

And that's that.  Can't really say I'm shocked.  The Eagles are pretty much out of all hope for the NFC East, Carson Wentz STINKS (right now), might as well see what ya got out of Jalen Hurts full time.  It's the smart thing to do.  But watch Jalen Hurts do justtttttt good enough to save Howie’s job cause he drafted him in the 2nd round...even though a year before he gave Wentz the record breaking deal.  People forgot he hired Chip Kelly, too, but was still allowed to drive the Eagles out of that ditch.  Alshon's contract, wrong WR after wrong WR taken in the draft, aging OL with minimal depth.  You know how the Eagles are struggling at CB?  Well, Rasul Douglas was cut before the season started and he's one of the best in the league right now for the Panthers.  Same story, different position with LJ Fort last year.  It's just getting old at this point. Oh, and Howie was GM for the Dream Team almost a decade ago.  People just forget.

And now they're stuck. with Wentz and his contract.  Can't cut him cause of the cap hit and nobody is gonna take him in a trade. STUCK with a billion $$$ backup QB.  

Thanks, Howie.  Win something without Joe Douglas evaluating the talent then we'll talk. Until then, good luck, Jalen.  Rooting for ya.  More of this shit, please: