It Is Officially The Jalen Hurts Era In Philadelphia Now

I's the right decision to make. Carson Wentz has done nothing over the course of this season to save his job as QB1 with the Eagles. Granted, the team hasn't done shit to help him either. But that's not the point. Carson Wentz knew his job was on the line and he wasn't able to get anything going to stop himself from losing it. 

So with that being the case, you have to put Hurts in there. If only just to see if he makes any difference at all. My prediction? 

It'll be freaky, but it won't change a damn thing. Jalen will show some glimmers of hope, he'll spark some optimism, but at the end of the day he won't be enough to cover up the remaining glaring flaws in this team. The line, the receivers, the schematics of the whole offense. Jalen Hurts will make some good plays and I'm really, really rooting for him. But unless your name is Patrick Mahomes, nobody is doing shit with this offense. 

Like I said yesterday, the worst case scenario here is that Jalen Hurts does just well enough to save Howie's job once the season is over. 

Other than just seeing if another quarterback can turn things around for this team, obviously the Eagles are making a business decision here to make sure that Carson Wentz stays healthy. He's been getting sacked roughly 90 billion times so far this season, and it's not like durability has always been a strong suit for the guy. And if the Eagles are ever going to be able to actually move on from Wentz, it'll have to be via trade. 

Sure as shit can't cut the guy. 

So you keep Carson healthy to keep his trade value at 1% instead of 0%, and you hope that Jalen Hurts at least injects enough life into this team that the whole city doesn't call for Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, and Doug Pederson's heads on a stick. 

I still can't believe it, though. So much hope, so much hype, so much optimism in the Carson Wentz Era. He was supposed to be our guy. He was supposed to be around for the next 10 years and keep the Eagles in the conversation every one of them. How in the fuck did this happen? I still think it's because he had sex. I'm positive of it. Fuck, man. This one hurts, pun only sort of intended. There's no quick fix here. Jalen Hurts will be fun for a little while, but he can't be the long term solution. You've gotta start completely over again from top to bottom. That deal we made with the devil for a Super Bowl sure seems like we got fleeced.