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Eminem Joins Stephen Colbert On A Michigan Local Access TV Show

24:54 – Colbert: What kind of rap do you do? Are you more of like sing song rap like Bone Thugs N Harmony or are you more street like Will Smith?

Eminem: Um. I like Bone Thugs and I like Will Smith. 

Colbert: Which are you closer too?

Eminem: Middle

Colbert: Are you more political or are you more booty rhymes?

Eminem: Middle? Right in the middle of the crack. Steamy place to be. 

This shit was hilarious. Cracked me the fuck up. When Colbert started talking about “being “feat’d” I pissed my pants. Carpentry, retirement accounts, paying the rent. “I’ll do the introductions, thank you.” “I was fronting.” Hysterical. Obviously Colbert is a professional and this is right in his wheelhouse but Eminem was hilarious too. Played the perfect interviewee for this bit. Perfect recreation of public access awkwardness. I dont know how Eminem kept a straight face basically the whole time, but the entire thing was well done. Its long but if you can watch through the end of the video its all worth it.

I hate to admit it but that Phenomenal song from the Southpaw soundtrack is terrible. Maybe in the movie it works but holy moly its unlistenable under normal circumstances.