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This Dramatic Version Of Bob The Builder Must Be Made Into An Oscar Winning Film As Soon As Possible

Incredible. I'm fucking captivated. His cadence! His "Bob The Builder" natural look!

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"We had a saying at our company… we asked ourselves, could we fix it? And no matter what… we could."

I've seen enough to know that I need this man on the Oscar stage come February 2021. I know that doesn't leave a lot of time for shooting, but we need to get this wrapped and released in the next few weeks. How should we start, GoFundMe? Do we think any of the big agents have picked him up yet? This video's only been live for 3 days, but it's starting to gain traction on Tiktok. (I included the IG version for all the whiners who can't see Tiktok videos on the app. I know thats annoying.) We need to expand on EVERY plot point he mentions. The clear drug addiction, the depression, the death of his wife(maybe?) and of course - the fact that the one thing he can't fix…is HIMSELF.

Bravo, bravo. I could watch fake Bob over here shakily taking pills and lighting up a cigarette all day long. None of us were there back in the day. We left him alone with the entire fucking town on his shoulders. Do you think he WANTED to fix everything? Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you want to.