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New Life Goal: Drink A Bottle Of Olive Oil With Action Bronson

You head to the grocery store to get everything you need for dinner tonight. You've got some roasted brussels sprouts on the menu. So you grab the sprouts, you get some kosher salt, you grab some coarse ground black pepper, a head of garlic, maybe a lemon to juice to really make those flavors pop, and finally you find yourself in the olive oil aisle. You've got a few options to roll with here. 

The first option is to go with the store brand olive oil. It's a few dollars cheaper than the rest, so that obviously makes it enticing. But you get what you pay for. And sure, you're only going to be using the olive oil to drizzle over the sprouts to get them crispy. It's not like the olive oil is the real star of the show here. But is that store brand olive oil going to be hitting you like this once you give it a little taste?

For sure not. But Action Bronson's will. And that's why it's now my goal in life to rip some shots of olive oil with this majestic beast. It's called enjoying the finer things in life. 

You're never going to let that store brand olive oil anywhere near your face. But Action Bronson bathes in his. Has it coursing through his veins. That's the type of shit I need in my life. Maybe rip some shots of olive oil after a nice long day on the beach just shredding waves on the boogie board. 

Describe a more perfect day. You can't.