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This Facebook Post On Confederate Flags Is An Easy First Ballot Entry In The "I'm Not Racist, But..." Hall Of Fame

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.01.55 AM


First of all: If someone starts a white National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and there aren’t meeting minutes made available to the public immediately after it goes down, we’ve failed as a society. But more than anything, I love this guy’s spin zone moves here. He put a pretty spicy take out there and the first responder is a black guy he knows in real life so he can’t put too much of a hard line stance out there. But goddammit he has a point to make and wants his friend to understand where he’s coming from so he’s going to butter him up by calling him “one of the greatest black men ever” and a “close friend” before getting right into a “And Here’s The Thing With You People” point. Very savvy 2015 social media plays all around, way more than I’d expect from a guy who seems to be deeply allergic to commas but probably open minded towards dressing up like a ghost to scare new diverse neighbors out of town.


I’d also be curious to see a social media search of posts including “Here’s my question to you blacks” because I’m sure that’s generally a well reasoned and interesting bit of cultural anthropology. Real salt of the Earth folks.


(h/t @PFTCommenter)