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"What's In The Box?" Tayshia Finds Out Tonight On #TheBachelorette (I Don't Think It's A Human Head)

Here's a little something to get everyone's blood pumping on this Tuesday - a BACHELORETTE RECAP! Ohhhh yes. Buckle up. Barstool SPORTS etc etc.

Last week's episode of Cutting Stems, if you so choose to watch before tonight's episode starts at 8pm, and our new episode of Cutting Stems at 10:05ish.

How furious are you right now for clicking this blog? I bet you did on purpose. I bet you wanted to. Try as you might, it's impossible to escape #BachelorNation. Everyone is all aboard this silly-ass train, and we're moving at FULL SPEED. You might as well jump on board, as this week will be the last single-episode we get until the end of the year. The next two weeks will be Monday AND Tuesday, FOUR HOURS of Bachelorette content as we wrap up the season. When you start to feel like you're watching too much Bachelor stuff, just remember that people sit and watch football for 8+ hours at a time. Proceed to watch 3-ish, once or twice a week, guilt free. 

Onto the actual recap of last week's episode. Some people were saying it was boring, the same people were saying it was a little slow. I actually enjoyed it overall. I thought that we got a deeper look at a lot of these gentlemen, and I think that Tayshia was really receptive to them all, finally. She's making those moves, thinking about her OWN feelings over the guys - A+ effort by her. 

We started off the night with a one-on-one date with Zac C. They went ahead and did a wedding style photo shoot with our new favorite character of the franchise, Franco Lacosta. He was the creative director of the photo shoot, we're all obsessed with him.

Later on in the date, Zac C revealed to Tayshia that he, too, has also been married/divorced. He survived a brain tumor, but became a drug addict (heroin.) He told Tayshia how he would steal money from his parents, and more about the rough road he's been down. He's now on the board of the rehab facility that was such a big help to him, so he's in a spot where he's giving back and feeling good. I love this for him, super proud of Zac C. He worked towards something to make himself better, and now he's doing all he can for others. Big respect for Zac C. 

After the one on one, we moved onto a VERY emotional and pretty awkward group date. First they had to sketch portraits of live nude models - zero artists in this group of guys. Then they tried a "Ghost" type sculpting/pottery thing…also a big fail. Blake Moynes made a penis out of his clay, standard. 

During the rest of the date, we hear a lot of snarky remarks coming out of my guy Bennett, towards Noah. He continues to poke him, and Noah accuses him of being privileged. Tale as old as time, "you never know what people go through," Bennett had a big clap back and resented those words out of Noah. They are on THIN ICE now. 

Our boy Ben, instead of a sculpture/piece of art, decided to come out into the middle of the room and strip naked, presenting himself to Tayshia. We find out later that this move was inspired by body positivity, and that Ben had an eating disorder growing up. Claps for Ben's confidence to get naked on TV. All of this of course happens after Riley gives us a WHOLE sad story about his life growing up, and how he's lacked "family" experiences, and how that makes him want them so badly in his adult life. Ben won the rose with his naked body tho.

If we're being honest, I'm pretty blown away by the depth of these gentlemen. They all seem to have lived hard lives, have come into this Bachelorette experience with a lot of LIFE experience, and they're unabashedly honest. They're so good, in fact, that Tayshia refuses to get rid of anyone and the fucking clock is ticking, girl! Unfortunately our guy Eazy ended up on the chopping block this week. They went on a haunted house date, laughed all day, had fun, kept it casual. Then Eazy said I LOVE YOU at DINNER! Tayshia said "nope" and sent him home. That's literally what happened, there were barely more words exchanged. Too strong, too fast Eazy. 

Lastly we have Bennett and Noah fucking around with this box that Bennett brought of snarky, rude gifts. He clearly (at least, to me) intended them to be funny, and they fell FLAT. Just a complete bomb show. Bennett looked like a jerk, and Noah looks soft for not being quick enough to come back at Bennett without saying something like "UR MEAN 2 ME." (He's 25, so he's a moron.) They both end up looking like the bad guys leading into this week. Tayshia's going to come in, see Bennett's box of bitchy treats, and I have a STRONG feeling he will be sent home because of it.

That's what we have to look forward to tonight! If you want to watch me speak the words above instead of read them, you can check out my IGTV stories late night every Tuesday. 

And here's Cutting Stems, again!

Andddd some hot pics of Tayshia as a thank you for reading.