Stephen A Smith Unloaded On Kyrie Irving For Refusing To Talk To The Media

Man, Stephen A is on a war path these last few days huh. Yesterday is was dunking all over some Twitter troll who came at him about his salary

and today he has his sights set on Kyrie and his decision to not speak to the media this season. I know a lot of what Stephen A does is for show and is a role, but listen to what he said. Where is he wrong? In fact, this might be the most coherent rant I've ever heard Stephen A have. Of course, Stephen A is the "media" so you can understand his angle here, but again where is the lie in what he said during that rant? 

As I've said before, I've lived this life. I've literally written the blogs about how the media was twisting what Kyrie said while he was in Boston because I didn't want it to be true. It's sort of like what you'll see Nets fans do now. I won't ever get on them for being defensive about Kyrie and the drama he causes while denying it all because that's what happens when he's on your favorite team. His talent as a basketball player is so good you want to believe that THIS time it will be different and anyone who says anything about Kyrie is just jealous or they are making it up to start drama. 

But again I ask where is Stephen A wrong. Every time Kyrie has said something and it was controversial, it was the media's fault. When he got caught about teaming up with Durant, it was the media's fault. When he said that shit about KD taking the last shot, it was the media who made it about LeBron. When it came time for the bubble and Kyrie said they shouldn't have games or they should maybe start their own league, it was the media that made that all up. It's crazy. Have some accountability for me one time. 

In the end, I think we'll have ourselves a Marshawn Lynch situation when it comes to Kyrie talking to the media this season

and make no mistake, this would be just as much of a big deal if any other star player did this. If Harden says he is straight up refusing to talk to the media? It's a big deal. If Giannis refuses to talk to the media because they won't stop asking about his future? It's a big deal. If Kemba or Tatum did this my stance would not change. It's a big deal. This isn't just a Kyrie thing. You can't be a star player, want all the benefits that come with being a star player, and then not have to talk to the media. That's part of the gig. You can give non-answers all you want, but you have to face the music. Both when it's good and when you might be feeling some heat. You can't have your cake and eat it too you know what I mean? 

If anything, this is just the start of unnecessary drama for the Nets as they enter a season with a ton of pressure. They need to be a Finals team/win a ring right away. This is their window. Instead, now there is all this drama about Kyrie not talking to the media when there didn't have to be! It's self-inflicted, but once again it's everyone else's fault. Not exactly an ideal way to kick things off.