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A 12-Year Old Drove From Queens To Delaware In A Range Rover After He Was Challenged Online To "Drive Until He Ran Out Of Gas"

(CBS) - Two children have been found safe after driving away from a Queens home.

A 12-year-old and his 7-year-old cousin were reported as missing around 9 a.m. Monday from a home on 115th Street and 133rd Avenue in South Ozone Park, Queens.

The boy drove off in a white Range Rover. Police tracked the vehicle using E-ZPass information and license plate readers.

They were found safe at a rest stop in New Jersey near the Delaware border at around 2:15 p.m.

Police say at one point, New Jersey state troopers spotted the car and flashed their lights and turn on the siren. Apparently the boy then hit the gas and took off. Troopers backed off for the safety of the children in the car.

Police believe the incident may have been motivated by a social media challenge to drive a car until runs out of gas.

Just an absolute legendary move out of this kid. I, 31-years old, have never driven a Range Rover. Not even once for a short period of time. This kid cruised from Queens to fucking DELAWARE in one and even hit the gas on the Jakes to make a quick escape. And why? For what reason did the joyride take place? Because above all else this young icon is EXTREMELY ONLINE. Someone made a bet that he couldn't, in fact, steal a car and drive it 'til it ran out of gas. GUESS AGAIN, BITCH!

"Oh what, you think I wont steal a Range Rover and drive until I run out of gas? You calling me a coward? I'll never log off. Go get the keys, we've got some corporations to register in that tax haven in the mid-Atlantic." 

I imagine this kid is going to be in a metric shit ton of short term trouble. But seeing as no one got hurt AND he dunked on someone online in the process that's a trade you make every single day. What are you gonna do, ground him? It's fucking quarantine, we're all grounded. You take away his internet that just makes him an even bigger legend with all his 12-year old pals anxiously awaiting that first post. Retweets and Likes the world has never seen upon his triumphant return to the web.