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On A Scale Of 1-Spitting Directly In Someone's Face, How Disrespectful Is This Soccer Goal?

Pretty dang close, I'd say. Like maybe you hit the person in the shoulder with a loogie instead of the face. But still pretty damn close. ¡Trollazo golazo! 

I mean this fella could have pulled up and cooked himself a lovely steak dinner with how long he took before stuffing that ball in the back of the net. He got the ball at the top of the box and still took so long that the broadcast team was able to switch camera angles mid-play. 

We're not talking about the replay. We're not talking about the post-game highlight package. We're talking about the executive producer of the game hitting the team with a "switch over to camera 4. Okay now switch back" in the middle of the play. And then to top it all off, you have the palms up "what was I supposed to do" reaction afterwards. 

Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? I tell ya, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that sort of thing was frowned upon…

Messi could never. Ronaldo could never. Freddy Adu could never.