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Get Yourself A Girl That Will Call Your Haters Out On Twitter Like Emily Mayfield Does For Baker

Tell em, Emily!! When they go low, we wait until they're inaccurate and then quote tweet them. Tag @OldTakesExposed because Stephen A Smith was WRONG (yesterday).

Ugh. I get why Emily Mayfield would have Baker's back like this. I mean, she is the one that gets to help him spend his $32 million contract. And that doesn't even factor in whatever Hulu is paying the Mayfields to have a new commercial every two seconds. So yes, Emily should be quote tweeting Stephen A. But the rest of you guys chiming in? Uhh, what did he say that was wrong......? In fact, I would argue that he was 100% correct. The jury is still out on Baker Mayfield. There's no denying that he's now 9-3, but he's been inconsistent and has missed way too many throws. He's winning, yes I know he's winning, very close games against very bad teams. If we lost to the Texans, Jags, and Eagles by a combined 10 points instead of beating them, we'd be saying Baker was what was holding us back. Obviously we won, but it's not crazy to say the jury is still out and he needs to play better. He does!

Yesterday = Great. Before that = not great.

Everyone with two eyes should be able to see that. Except if you go through Emily Mayfield's retweets....

Not he has not, Emily. Not he has not. The last 6 games? Are you talking about when we scored 6 against the Raiders, 10 against the Texans, or beat the Jaguars by 2? Guys, Baker was great yesterday. And Emily Mayfield can say whatever she wants. But I'm shocked to see that so many Cleveland fans are blinded by their own bias on this one.