Bob Dylan Sold His Entire Catalogue Of Songs For A Cool $300M

Bloggers Note: This is my favorite Bob Dylan song so that is why it's embedded

(NYP)--Bob Dylan has sold his entire six decades-long catalog of songs to Universal Music Group in a deal thought to be the biggest of its kind.

Universal announced the deal early Monday, with publishing CEO Jody Gerson calling it “both a privilege and a responsibility” to “represent the body of work of one of the greatest songwriters of all time.”

A price for the deal was not disclosed, but people familiar with it told Bloomberg the songs are worth more than $200 million, with others telling the New York Times that it could be more than $300 million.

MF-ing Bob Dylan just more than DOUBLED his net worth by selling off his 60 years of work. An all-time musical legend. A man who was so iconic that he was given Nobel Literature Prize in 2016. With all of his brilliance the most incredible thing about this story is that Bob Dylan is even still alive. He's 79 years old. Who would've taken a bet at Bob Dylan's peak in the 1960s that he'd even be alive in 2020? This is a man who was a heroin addict. A man who would take a shit tone of amphetamines just to keep the tour going and balance out all the other drugs in his system. Blowing into a harmonica and blow into his nose and blowing in the wind. And yet here he is, still working and cashing checks. I actually don't think $300M is enough given the circumstances. He should be like a wealthy son of a billionaire. When he turns 80 he should have a trust fund mature with an additional $100M just for being alive. A lifetime achievement award for living hard and still living. 

Dylan is just an example for people living on the straight and narrow out there. Think of all the people who are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, sober, and exercise every day. All of those people with that lifestyle…they all still die. Bob Dylan lived the exact OPPOSITE and his ticker is still ticking. Something to think about when you're trying to decide if you should get up early and get on the treadmill this morning. Would Bob Dylan do this? Nope. Has he had a life worth living…you betcha. A hard rain's gonna fall, but not on him.