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Folks, We've Got National Football Writers Calling Baker Mayfield An MVP Candidate

Lol, okay Mike Freeman. Time to take the blue checkmark away. There's no denying that Baker was absolutely incredible yesterday, or that the Browns are 9-3, but to call him an MVP candidate is something that even I can't get behind. Don't forget that the Browns have scored 6 points against the Ravens, 6 points against the Raiders, 10 points against the Texans, and 7 points against the Steelers. I mean, my favorite stat to come out of yesterday is that the Browns are now 9-0 this year when they score more than 7 points. That's all it takes, Coach Stefanski! Score 8 points and we're UNBEATABLE! I say we go for 2 on our first touchdown from here on out!

:et's not let one game completely change what our eyeballs have told us to be true. The FACTS here are that Baker Mayfield has not been great all year, but he was very very very good yesterday.

Incredible. Simply incredible. Best game of his career. I give credit where credit it due. Yes, he is the starting QB of the 9-3 Cleveland Browns that have gone from laughing stock of the league to shoe-in for the playoffs and, according to PFT, Big Cat, and now Rex Ryan, Potential Super Bowl contenders???

I'll take 1 ticket to Overreaction City, please. Let's call a spade a spade. Baker Mayfield wouldn't be on the top 3 of MVP candidates on the Browns. If he won this year, it would be so insulting to not only Myles Garrett and/or the run game, but to people like Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes that are literally winning football games for their teams. 

Baker Mayfield is not winning us games, but I will give him credit for doing a damn good job of not losing them. I don't get why this is such a take quake with the Cleveland community. Baker Mayfield is doing a PHENOMENAL job of not turning the football over. He's the only active QB to not throw a INT in his last 150+ attempts. He is certainly not losing us football games. We're 9-3 for God's sake! BUT, he also is surrounded by a plethora of weapons, and up until yesterday, he had been missing at least a couple throws per game that would've really hurt if it wasn't the Jaguars, Texans, and Eagles. Tell me all you want that he has 21 touchdowns this year, he has 9 of those in two games (4 yesterday, 5 against the Bengals). That means he has 12 touchdowns in the other 10 games. Guys, I'm not a hater because I don't think Baker is Joe Montana out there. Our run game is great. Our QB needs to play a whole more like he did yesterday than he has been if we even want to win one playoff game.

To be clear, I'm happy with Baker. I love winning with Baker. He's a great leader and a fun person to have on your side. But to anoint him John Elway is silly because he played 1 really really good game. I'm so biased towards Cleveland that it's a fault, but even I wouldn't put Baker in my top three MVP candidates, on the team!!