This Team Sucks

Let's get to the point. You were right. I was wrong. Hand up. That's me being a man. This isn't an overreaction or hyperbole, which we're prone to do here. This Kentucky team fucking sucks. That's it. That should be the blog, but here we are. I hate that I have to write this. What else can I do? Hide? I don't think so. 

This team has no heart. They don't have the ability to shoot or dribble. They have absolutely zero IQ of the game. They are soft as shit - especially Olivier Sarr. They finally started to shoot the ball, but they still pretty much suck at that. They are decent defensively, but they get lost and Isaiah Jackson, the best defender has zero concept of guarding the 3pt line. And yes, even Cal is at fucking fault. Everyone is at fault here. Cal can't figure out what rotation to use.

 Do you believe me yet when I say you need to stop playing Olivier Sarr and Isaiah Jackson together? Olivier Sarr was a gigantic pussy out there tonight and all you do is clog the lane up there. Jackson is a college basketball 5. The best player was Terrence Clarke, who Cal made a point to say he wants to use a playmaker. Okay, cool. That's a step. You know how you do that? Surround him with space. He's made to be a college hoops 4. Play him with Boston, Allen, Mintz and Jackson. Give you two shooters, two drivers and Jackson. You may have realized I didn't say Devin Askew. That's because he can't play right now. Yeah, he reclassified and should be playing high school basketball this year, but who cares. He's a walking turnover who picks up the ball too early and can't get an offensive set even close to going. 

Don't get me wrong this is mostly on the players. They are the ones who are turning it over. They are the ones who have an inability to grab a ball. They are the ones missing mostly open shots. Shit, Olivier Sarr is a senior and he BRICKED a layup. I'm not talking about a tough layup either. He bricked a reverse layup with really no contest. But Cal needs to adapt. He needs to realize playing two bigs isn't the answer. Yes, I get he's stubborn and it pays off. Playing a young guard tends to struggle early and then March get there. We see it year after year. But this year? Nope. Askew is too far behind. Boston is too far behind. Right now it's really just Clarke. Boston has struggled 3 games in a row now. He has to set it up to put Clarke in the best position possible and that's getting out of Cal's comfort zone. He's made a career playing two bigs and athleticism. That ain't cutting it. 

1-3. Losses to Georgia Tech and Richmond at home. Fucking unacceptable. This isn't what Kentucky basketball is built on. Every player should be fucking embarrassed to wear a Kentucky jersey right now. Shit, Cal should be embarrassed. I'm fucking embarrassed. Shit doesn't get easier either with Notre Dame, UCLA and Louisville as the next 3 games. 

Someone better start showing some fucking heart besides me.