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After Xavier Beat Cincinnati, Travis Steele Showed Up At The Campus Bar And Dropped $2,000 Cash For Everyone To Celebrate ... $1,000 For Each Win He Has Over UC

You may remember this move last year from Travis Steele: 

Dude beat Cincinnati, showed up to Dana's which is a staple for Xavier campus and dropped $1,000 for everyone to drink off of. Correction: he had his kid drop it for him which caused people to lose their shit because nobody can have fun in 2020. Well, he doubled down this year. Literally. He brought $2,000 for his second win over Cincinnati.

I fucking love it. It's also one of the best traditions now in college basketball, starting with Pete Gillen

Now the one thing you need to know about Dana's is it's a true college bar. $2,000 goes A LONG WAY there. They sell Natty Light by the pitcher and this mixed drink called Herschel's which, let's just say does the trick. It's the perfect mix of dive bar, campus bar and sports bar rolled into one. It's exactly what a place like should be that a college coach rolls up to so they can drop some money. 

I just love how much this pisses off Cincinnati's fan base. It's one of the best rivalries in all of sports. People get all up in arms in this city if you say you went to one of these schools. Sure, Xavier has dominated the rivalry lately, but UC just screams about no Final Fours for Xavier and everything. But it's exactly what college sports should be. We should see shit like this. Hell, Steele should spend $2,000 on UC Sucks - something on Dana's menu. Really buy into it and just become more hated by Bearcat fans. I would expect John Brannen to do the same if he went to Woody's. 

Fucking Power moves only baby. 

PS: For anyone who wants to complain: