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We've Got A True Detective Love! Taylor Kitsch And Rachel McAdams Are Banging!

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(US Weekly) —  Mystery solved. A month after Rachel McAdams and her True Detective costar Taylor Kitsch dined at West Hollywood’s Osteria Mozza on June 2, multiple sources confirm they are dating. “It hasn’t been long,” says an insider. “But it’s serious.”



HELLLLL YESSSSSS!!! This is exactly what I needed after that Ben and Jenn breakup yesterday. Hollywood taketh away then Hollywood giveth right back. Two of the hottest people on planet earth right now and we may be lucky enough to have them procreate together.


And let me tell you something, I’m not gonna need porn tonight just thinking about these two fucking in their True Detective character role play. McAdams being the dirty little freak who wants to get tied up and DPd, Riggins being the maybe gay/maybe he was pimped out as a child dude who’s not unfamiliar with being in the same vicinity as a dick and will probably mix in a double anal if McAdams asked nicely. That’s the man she needs. Not that pussy dude from episode one who got kicked out of bed because he wanted to light some candles and make love rather than sport fuck. We need Kitsch and McAdams just getting nasty and ravishing each other.


Of course, that’s probably not happens in real life, as they’re both Canadian so they just politely make love then go get Tim Hortons. But whatever, real life isn’t my reality.