Comedy Writer David Sedaris Satirically Suggests "Citizen's Dismissal," Where Customers Can Fire Bad Employees From Their Jobs — Internet So Offended They Are Trying To Get David Sedaris Fired From His Job.

Listen I don't blame you if you don't know who David Sedaris is, therefore you watched that clip and thought he was dead serious. Well not the whole clip actually, it gets obvious when he gets to wrapping stuff up in underwear, but whatever. It's understandable if it slipped by.  It's not like he fuckin landed the satire. It was pretty lame. Certainly not funny.  But what if I told you I could make you change that opinion and defend John Feitelberg's favorite author to the death without even changing your mind? 

DO DO DOOODODOOOODOOO its the Blue Checkmark Brigade and their groupies, here for the daily lecture on Why That Thing Was Actually Bad.  This comedy writer, "American Humorist" according to a 1 millisecond Google Search, told a joke and flopped on his joke. (The idea that honestly I don't hate. I don't even dislike it. You obviously need some sort of system to determine who gets this power. Like an IQ test, fitness test, haircut test, weed the people out who would abuse the power.) 

And people got this mad.  About that. About thinking citizen's firing was a real suggestion said seriously. 

It is a joke, Casper the fuckin egg. 

Look at how mad this basement troll i…..wait a minute, that's no troll, that's a blue checkmaked reporter from the Intercept:

Now watch him get fuckin bodied all over the ring by Susan as she simultaneously chops up Liver boy in a conversation that perfectly represents what the internet has become now:

bUt ThE uNdErLyiNg cLaSSisM

So basically I just watched an unfunny joke, from an author I like but not like a large amount I could probably take or leave him, that inspired all of Twitter's smartest people according to themselves to show up and see who can look like the biggest idiot while also trying to cancel a comedian for doing satire. God I fucking hate Twitter. And this blog. Fuck this blog.